• You may come along for ride

    The ALS (Advanced Lighting Systems) range is built on very extensive experience - and an unwavering dedication to making the best work lights in the business. Created by AEC with more than 22 years' comprehensive business experience primarily with focus on portable lighting market the ALS range combines the best of two worlds: advanced design and manufacturing capability and global business insight. ALS is set to make a real impact on the world of work lights. You're welcome to come along for the ride.

  • AEC

    was established in



    business experience


    focused on providing global portable lighting solutions


  • Who is AEC?

    AEC (AEC Lighting Solutions) was established in 2000 and has more than 22 years' comprehensive business experience primarily with focus on the North American portable lighting market. AEC is one of the best designer and manufacturers of portable work lights of China. A bold claim perhaps, but we're confident it's true. And please note that we specifically say best, not largest: We focus on quality rather than quantity.

    AEC integrates independent design, research and development, and production. The company is committed to integrating cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent mobility and mobile communication into LED mobile lighting solutions, and continuously launching innovative products. As a company that has been deeply engaged in the global field of professional mobile lighting for many years, AEC has a group of long-term and stable mid to high end strategic partners in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, and other regions with strong research and development capabilities, excellent quality control, and diversified global sales channels. The customer industry covers areas such as aircraft maintenance and repair, automobile/ship repair, construction, rail transit, police, medical, power transmission and transformation, extreme cold environments, and outdoor environment.

  • Supplier of the world's leading work lights

    Based in cosmopolitan Shanghai, we attract the very best minds in the business, and we have produced high-end work lights for many of the world's leading companies for years. Now, we're launching our very own range: Advanced Lighting Systems - or ALS for short.

Global supply chain, well - established from the start

Even though ALS is a new brand, it has a crucial advantage over most new businesses: We have a well established global supply chain and business setup that will give you a competitive edge.

The ALS range combined expertise and firmly established global supply chain. We own our own production facilities. We control every step along the way. And that's why we can guarantee that as an ALS customer, you will get:


Maximum quality control to the highest industry standards


Instant response to your business demands


On-time delivery


Efficient and skilled support


Competitive prices thanks to optimized production costs



Making the best work lights in the world

The ALS range is made at our own factories to very high quality standards. We're licensed to carry out CSA and TüV certification at our own facilities - and our designs regularly win the most prestigious European industrial design awards.


We insist on quality

The ALS range is all about combining the newest technology with superior quality. And style, of course. But photos won't give you the full picture: you need to experience them for yourself. Once you've handled and tested these lights, we're confident you'll be convinced.


We move fast

Technology is always evolving - and this is certainly true of LEDs and battery tech. At ALS we keep a close eye on all new developments. When exciting opportunities arise, we can act fast, creating new products to ensure that with ALS, you always get the best the market can offer. Our adaptability also means that we can quickly adjust our product range to specific geographic markets and segments as required.


We're certified

Our insistence on quality means that we meet the strictest industry standards. And we not only meet or exceed standards such as ISO 9001, EN/IEC80079-34.Our production facilities have been approved to carry out their own CSA, TüV and INTERTEK certification tests - definite proof that ALS is technology you can trust.



Award - winning design

The ALS  design  strategy  has  been  recognized  by  leading  industry  experts:  our work  lights  have  received  Red  Dot,  iF,  IDEA,  Red  Star  and Good  Design awards for their combination of quality,  performance and style.

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