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Exciting News!

In early February, 3 products and series under the ALS brand have won the prestigious German IF design award.


The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design

The award, which spans multiple disciplines, has more than 5,500 entries from around 60 nations every year.


AUD501H – 5000lm rechargeable & corded LED audio light



Light and music, the most beautiful elements in this world


In a mundane afternoon, turn on the light


Play your favorite music, liven your work atmosphere


With a soft touch of the finger, one can achieve extraordinary light and music



Articulating Slim Light Series


When “Ultra Thin” is no longer bound by technology


When “Angle” is no longer constrained by folding

What you see


The beauty flying across the sky


Right on the palm of your hand



UHL101R – 1000lm rechargeable LED underhood light



After your car breathes in the roar of the running engine, the flow of the rivers, the various mountain paths


Open the hood, mount the Underhood light, to prepare for your next journey


Plug in the multi-functional charging base, turn on flashlight mode, to care for your weary car tires


A long journey begins with single step


Just Brilliant!